Coincidences do not exist, perhaps you have been thinking what is the meaning of the current situation? what changes does this Quantum phenomenon demand from us …
We are living in a time of many & quick changes, times of stress & uncertainty with different effects & thoughts for each one of us according with our reality.

Fear and anxiety many times indicates that we are moving in a positive direction, out of the safe confines of our comfort zone, and in the direction of our true purpose.

Picture Taken at Medicine Ceremony with My Master & My Family & My Brothers & Sisters of the Muysca Community, Colombia

The situation has forced us to go back inside, not questioning what we need from the world instead thinking that the world needs from us.

It is time to cooperate, instead of competing, to start acting with awareness and coherence, to learn once and for all that our Thoughts & Actions affect ALL, and the change begin when we give light to our darkness and help others to be more conscious of theirs.
We have remembered that we are not separated of what surrounds us, we never were in reality, but sometimes we forget it.

Society & modern life already been pushing us to live in certain way isolated, but we are all part of this machinery that is ALIVE and each of us are part of these big chain reaction

Perhaps this situation has come synchronously to us, to show as in MUSIC happens, without silences there would be no MELODY & this silence that takes over the streets will give shape and harmony to our souls and to the world that was in need. Only who is open to understand that STABILITY is an illusion, that everything changes every second, as YOU & I, we are interconnected with this IMPERMANENCE.

As someone once said, if somebody knows how to swim, it floats without moving, and when it does not know, it sinks. FEAR weighs, weakening the immune system, when fear is collectively mobilized, due to its physically contagious nature, it takes on a seemingly autonomous and independent life of its own, feeding mass panic turning into a collective psychosis, lowering down our frequency, to see through the illusion of the separate self what Einstein called “Optical delusion of consciousness” is at the same time to take away the power that fear has over us, ( as well as to empower ourselves , reciprocally reinforcing each other, we must fill ourselves with HIGH vibrations, with music, songs, dance, arts, chants LOVE. Realize how we can synergistically to co-operate together so as to resist and overcome.

Such a situation makes us reflect more than ever that we are all the same, beyond ideologies, beliefs, perhaps the people that want to go home and cannot, they might better understand the refugees, those of us that miss our family or love ones, we will understand the VALUE OF TIME.

We are not all at the same level , we are all in different vibrations, depending on our point of view and realities. Those of us working for the light must be an active centre of energy, owning your space no matter if you are in the North, the South, The East, the West, being at the service of the higher porpoise. The Task is an internal confrontation, with our inner harmony and peace.

Now more than ever we must OBSERVE ourselves, if happen that we started to feel at some point emotionally or mentally some sort of energies of worry, fear, doubts etc, we must transmute these energies recognising they are external to us, transforming them back to light.

This time is not so much about outward rituals but more about internal processes, when our HEARTS, MINDS and EMOTIONS are calm, the SPIRIT can manifest to raise the high vibrations of those who are not yet in the in “State of Consciousness” but are screaming for help, because they have learnt to think and feel from the need and lack. The AWARENESS that we cultivate day by day is the contribution we owe to the humanity, does not matter where we are in the solitude, at the crowd, just turning the light around us, helping to transmute the energy and the veil of those in need

When this storm has pass, when we jump this quantum leap, after the catharsis, a new way of thinking will come. We are not alone, we are with our guides, our ancestors…. Life speaks to us, and it does not wait for words or promises in response, it expects behaviours & actions resulting from a change in CONSCIOUSNESS.
We cannot allow neither fear nor uncertainty to conceal from us the possibility of TRANSCENDENCE to change