“Once you discover the home in your heart, you will discover the magic everywhere”.


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My name is Alex Rey.
I am a Spiritual Mentor & Holistic Therapist

I encouraged people to awake their power and purpose on earth, own their brilliance and dreams. My treatments & mentoring are given with a Spiritual and Holistic approach, I treat each client based on their individual needs Emotionally & Physically, as intuitive bodyworker I help people to understand & release their fears. My life is guided by service to others...


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"When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything."
Lao Tzu


What Client’s Say About ME

Wonderful messages and awesome experiences.

Good morning Alex!  I am still feeling enlighten and full of hope after our session. I was thinking about it. When I came to you I came with an open mind but broken heart.
I was not sure what I am really looking for.  You gave me the answers without even hearing my questions. You have such a strong connection with people it’s unreal and fascinating at the same time  I knew I needed to let the past and bad emotions of guilt and feeling not enough and focus on growing myself.    But as I believe growing yourself is knowing yourself.    There was so many things you said that I though you were speaking out loud my own thoughts.  I have experience some of that enlightenment before but it is an ongoing process and hard times can drown it out.
I know it’s the matter of time and our inside strength to go back on the right path and to continue the journey of joy. I am acknowledge about my ‘demons’ which lost their power over me but like coming back as a habits and unhealthy comfort zones.  You said it very truly to numb the emotion to gave myself a fake feels of happiness.  I will meet I would like to work on them.
I hope this next time will happen very soon. I hope I could meet you a week after for another session Have a fabulous day

Mell O’Connell

Alex the retreat has changed my life and brought me to a new level. My anxiety has gone along with the demons in my head. I just feel lighter all round it’s amazing. And mostly excited about life 😂😁 thank you for your help


I wanted to share how the drum has helped my family. I have a son with a severe learning disability who cannot speak and is sometimes a bit frustrated. He loves the drum. I hold it for him and he hits it with the beater. He seems to get a lot of frustration out but he also likes to sit and watch me playing the drum. An unexpected benefit! I’m very grateful to have another tool to help him.


I am attending counselling therapy for last year. Alex have done a better job on me last night that all the time with my counsellor. I’m still smiling to myself, thank you so much for that. you are truly amazing Alex, wish that World has more people like you !

Anna Maria C

Alex is the genuine article, professional, warm, intuitive and respectful, I was struck by how comfortable I felt with him the very moment I met him.

Denise Mc.

Very nice first experience and booked for next one so I think that speaks for happy and satisfied customer 🙂 .  Thank you  that means a lot to me I left so inspired and create so much since and it’s not 24 hours yet and my life is going so fast  but with ease thank you so much it’s pleasure to receive your service.I feel safe and secure and it makes me to feel stronger and braver and more and more happy.   I am processing all experience right now and feeling fabulous

Lucie McCarthy

I am delighted to leave a testimonial to my dear friend and such a beautiful soul Alex .I have had the pleasure of knowing Alex for the past 6 years and have followed his work and learning curve on the holistic therapy world…
I experienced myself a deep spiritual treatment with him and some other wonderful people I can only thank Alex for being such a patient working hard person…he does put a lot of love on what he does and that transmission bring a lot of healing…
I am sure anyone who come across Alex therapy benefits from his charismatic personality and blissful hands.

Carolina M

Hello brother, thank you again for holding such a lovely space for the ceremony. Ive been receiving lessons and tests by the bucket load since the ceremony. So interesting. I feel so grateful and privileged for plant to teach me so much. Thank you for facilitating this  experience for me


I have got a chance to participate special retreat, which was organised by the facilitator  Alex . I’m interested in spiritual development and I was practicing some teachings earlier, but I still have had some questions to be solved. That’s why I considered to try to do this in another way. I have arrived at place with some anxiety and even with a little bit of fear to loose my healthy mind, because  Using my reach imagination and knowledge from reading Carlos Castaneda books, I expected to depart (set off) to world of illusions, dreams and fantasy.
During my journey from one session to another one, my fear was dispelling slowly and slowly and its place was filled with experience, feelings and understanding. I didn’t loose sense of reality for any minute. I have been having nonstop internal conversation for a while after taking rapëh medicine , but even this couldn’t stop myself to feel love which I always wanted to share with other people I have to give it to myself first. It was meeting with myself and I gifted my love to myself. The feeling was unbelievable.
I was feeling support and understanding of all participants and guru of retreat during sessions.
The general feelings and state of health were good during all event. I had positive mood, joyfulness, and lots of energy.
Maybe in a future I will continue my adventure participating in another retreat,but for a while my first trip is still going, and I want to enjoy it and look at how I can use this new knowledge in my daily life

Irina M

I attended a shamanic day with Alex  beautiful surroundings and landscape, the greeting was warm and welcoming by host  and Alex. To say I was nervous is an understatement as I did not know what to expect – to stay overnight in a place with people I did not know and having no idea what was going to happen but as soon as  Alex started I knew I needed to be there. The day flowed with wonderful experiences, relaxed yet vibrant. I always knew where I was and what was going on around me – I was present. When I realised before I went down that I had to fast I thought I would not last but not once did I feel hungry. When it finished I did not know where the time went – by the time we had finished the group of strangers were now a group of friends. To experience this has been amazing for me and I look forward to when I can do this again. Much love to you Alex and thank you for guiding me on my journey 💕💕

Ruth O’Donell

Hi Alex, I am feeling good, the session has opened me up to see clearer and I need to be gentle with myself now, using integration time.
Thank you so much for your beautiful ceremony and  the ancestral medicines, I am in awe how they work.♥🌞♥

Susana M

Good morning Alex!! I just want you to know I woke up feeling incredible this morning and so much lighter and fantastic… Even yesterday I still was not feeling so well and felt like the medicines were still working in me…I see such benefits today and feel so much heaviness removed and feel so light. With all of my heart I want to thank you for all you did to help me over the weekend and the space you held for all of us. You are so bright and an incredible person. I’m so grateful to you and honour you Alex!!

Sheila M

Thanks Alex . The venue  was beyond perfect.   I felt safe. It was important I could find a spot,  in peace & alone & the ceremony provided that. I found it hard work, worthwhile. Any insights that came were old ones. Still cant get through to me. Was surprised at how present my alcoholic pass was. I have a deeper depth of gratitude for AA & sobriety. I have a deeper understanding of the ongoing difficulties I have staying in my physical body. Am in my body,thank u. Waiting to see if I will stay in it this time. Inside my body feels different this time. Didn’t expect to be so tired after it. Being outside in nature with San Pedro there was a ‘oneness’ which will stay with me. I wanted some of the eye medicine- will need to wait for another time. I appreciated ur master’s presence & his time especially when I was whimpering in pain. Waiting, letting the medicine unfold & reveal what is. I think every sentient being should have the experience of ceremony at least once in their lifetime. As one of anything is never enough for me I guess I’ll be back for more.

Norma C

First off I was fascinated your dance together with Carolina. It was very beautiful to see connection between you both and how you felt each other’s movements. Is this dance have a name? And are you doing any dance workshops? Also I enjoyed a lot when we was dancing and playing together, all this and words you said touched me deeply. Thank you that experience and if you’ll be doing something similar I would experience it again.

David M

Heya Alex, Thanks for accepting. It was wonderful to meet you I loved the workshop… It was everything I am embracing in my life at the moment and it was very special for me. I want to thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Looking forward to connecting again in the future soon hopefully.


This a year this weekend since the cacao ceremony which put mad wheels in motion for great change and growth and blooming and blossoming and i just wanted to thank you Alex,know that even when things seem dark that light that you have shone in the past still shine bright and that you are appreciated. Xx

Jacques M

What happened Saturday kind of change my life. Bit by bit I can feel it moving on a different path. Do u know when practice balance on a indoor board and the board just jumps a bit and changes direction? Well this what I feel. It is wonderful and fulfilling. My heart is throbbing with happiness and excitement. Yesterday morning I played l’m light to realise that India Arie has amazina lvrics and music. And I danced like I didn’t in years. I know medicines are  still working on me or with me, same as you. Did u do a bit of work before Sat or is just my imagination? Thank you very much one more time. It was absolutely fantastic and blissful, intense and
gentle at the same time. You are amazing. Bless your soul


Sometimes the energy speaks louder than voice. You were able to show me a lot of beauty during these few minutes… And something to think through. Thank you so much


Thank you for such an amazing journey and all the magical spirits present, walking slowly today with cleaner eyes,  oh brave soul that you thanks you, many blessings and see you in a few days .


My  experience went for me it was pleasant but at the same time very strong, stronger than other medicines. I had very strong visuals with my eyes open for most of the night there was so much happening that at some stage I just gave up analyzing everything and just went with it some of it I don’t even remember 🙂 there were many entities entering and passing through the space.  and I wasn’t sure of the total amount of shamans in the room. Music and songs were floating through me making me move and make sounds. I observed you performing work on others and being in between worlds. Some realizations would be very difficult to explain in a few words as they are based paradoxes but are in line with non dualistic thinking. Something along the lines – knowing is an illusion not knowing is a confusion. I was able to see and understand it even more by seeing it from another non intellectual perspective. It almost feels like one third of everything that happened that night would be enough for an amazing and very deep experience but it just kept going. In saying all that I would doing again in a heartbeat. At one moment  The experience though was personal was shared between everyone present. I could go on and on but that’s the basics of a very intense, condensed and vast experience. It felt like hard work at times but it was also full of love and beyond enjoyable, almost ecstatic at times. Thank you.

Clodagh M

I just want to thank you again for facilitating that wonderful ceremony. I really got to see how considerate and caring you are which was quite inspirational. The ceremony was very tough and intense for me. I went in with the idea of focusing on problem areas in my life and they really hit me hard! I learnt a lot from it though and I hope that I can continue to have a light awareness on them in the hope that they don’t affect me in my day to day so much. Thanks again for introducing the medicines to me and for facilitating that to happen.



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