Sacred Advices for a Better Experience


Enjoy Your ME TIME?


If there is one thing we understand, it’s that life gets a little crazy sometimes, more over in this stresful modern world which means we don’t always take time out for ourselves as we should. It’s easy to let time escape us, but here you are today, deciding that it’s time! It’s time to take a necessary trip and give yourself just what you need — rejuvenation, cleansing, deep exploration without rushing out

 There are so many options out there for a retreat, and it can be a little overwhelming. But, you’ve decided that a sacred shamanic healing circle retreat is what you’d enjoy the most. However, this is an experience that you haven’t had before, and that’s okay — I am here to help!

While you’ve taken the time to explore what happens throughout the experience, you may still have some questions. One of those questions has to do with how you can have a better experience. Here are a few tips that’ll help you do just that

How to get a better Experience

 Participating in a Shamanic Healing ceremony allows you to experience a time of deep healing for your body, mind, and spirit. You’ll walk away from the experience feeling as though you’ve grown as a person. You can do a few things to ensure you get the most benefits possible from the event.

Tip #1. Set Intention

Intentions have a powerful impact on our attention, choices, and outcomes. You’ll want to create an intention before having a Shamanic Healing ceremony, so when things become difficult, you’ll remember why you’re doing this.

To create a good intention, you’ll want to ensure that they’re open-ended enough to come through in their own way and at their own time. Make sure that this intention doesn’t have any expectations around it regarding how it’ll “come true.”

Tip #2. Practice the Art of Presence

Shamanic Healing ceremonies will challenge your desire to seek out comfort and avoid discomfort. It’ll bring some of your most challenging emotional and physical feelings to the surface. While these feelings may not always feel good, it’s important to lean into them so the medicine can do its work.

Know that it’s all right to reach out for help. Doing so may result in a significant breakthrough for you. However, it’s also fine to simply allow these feelings to run their course without trying to change them. The key is to realise that these things have been present for a long time, but you’ve hidden them so you can move through your daily life.

Tip #3. Let Go and Let the Experience Happen

DiscoverYourHeartAlexReyOnce you’ve reached this state of consciousness, you’ll benefit by simply surrendering to it. However, you’ll want to take steps (e.g., vetting the centre, making sure you feel aligned with the shamanic indigenous  protocols) that will help you feel comfortable surrendering here.

In surrendering, some people will experience nausea and purging. If this happens to you, make su