The Time & Impermanence

My dear Souls, its Sunday … lets relax, play the song below & and accept my invitation to fly through this words,  any comment is welcome.

Time is linked to all our experiences in our life. So, these … The Experience and Life… help us to Know where are we , remember where we have been and where we will be.

We are so tied up with the “Time” it seems increase or decrease depending on our mood  &  our expectations in our life.

Any emotion that comes from direct contact with reality implies a change. We can travel and discover new lifestyles, meet people with thoughts and habits that we did not know, have  a family, losing a person that we believed it will be with us forever, discover love or hate etc.

 Time does not pass in vain as we say, and much less if we focus on what we were 10 years, five months or three weeks before the present, because we know that there is nothing more relative than time.

We live in a world where time is all important. Nanoseconds mark the difference between success or failure to make an electronic transaction and where we are continuously reminded of “the time”: of being early or late, of having missed an appointment or arriving “before time”. In today’s world, time now governs our life.

We are used to measuring time with “experiences” that have marked us and they will always be remembered.

“We must live in the present, no matter what we were, or what we will be, if we only know who we are TODAY”

Living Means Experience  & Experiences Measure the time.

All the experiences will Change our perception and life, without us noticing,  what is certain is to  live and link  these experiences accordingly  with our  life cycle.

Certain moments will mark us so much that we will think that they lasted longer than they actually lasted, and others, on the other hand, will seem fleeting to us.

Therefore, we say that we have change over time, because living implies  to surrender into the he notion of impermanence.  In the middle range the mark of impermanence comes to manifestation in our inescapable mortality, our condition of being bound to aging, sickness, and death, of possessing a body that is subject “to being worn and rubbed away, to dissolution and disintegration.”  The fact that all the constituents of our being, bodily and mental, are in constant process, arising and passing away in rapid succession from moment to moment without any persistent underlying substance. In the very act of observation they are undergoing “destruction, vanishing, fading away, and ceasing.”

We report that the most negative or positive experiences that we highlight  in our  life are  the one that  changes our personality, our points of view,  and even change   our physical appearance.

The extremes will always make the difference for us to never  forget  the True happiness, but neither to forget our difficult moments. 

All is impermanent &  what is the all that is impermanent ? The eye is impermanent, visual objects … eye-consciousness… eye contact … whatever is felt as pleasant or unpleasant or neither-unpleasant-nor-pleasant, born of eye-contact is impermanent. [Likewise with the ear, nose, tongue, body, and mind….