Shamanic Plant Medicine Healing Ceremonies

For centuries the Plant Medicines Ceremonies have been practice and are part of the cosmovision for indigenous communities.

Is another route one can take to achieve this healing and access these non-ordinary states: The difference is that the plant is the vehicle in which one is riding around, and each plant has it’s own unique way of touring these worlds.

In recent years, the curiosity of many people in the Western world about indigenous cultures and their plant medicines have peaked. This recent attention, however, has been accompanied by the misperception of the medicine, the experience provided, and its immense healing properties.

In shamanic culture, these plants, although entheogenic, are not considered a drug; ( Even by the UN and their reports were given, they are considered healing plants beyond their chemical components, they are considered highly respected and sacred medicines. 

(Mamos, Curacas, Hombre de Medicina, Chiqus, Sanadores Ancestrales in Western World “Shamans” ) believe that these plant medicines are deeply connected to the Spirit, or Source, and can easily show us to these non-ordinary realms where great knowledge can be attained, growth can be accelerated, and true healing can take place.

That being so, these plant medicines are to be ingested and experienced in a ceremo