The world needs your inner child

When I look at the blue sky I feel its immensity, its greatness, it transmits love, purity, and calm to me. When I look at the trees and listen to the birds I feel the magic of life. A great connection between everything around me, the Universe, nature, animals, and also human beings. We, the people who without being aware are part of that wonder that is life, that great miracle.

So this letter goes to you, whoever you are, wherever you live, whatever your name is, you and I are, connected, we both feel fear, rage, sadness, joy, love, frustration, we laugh and cry, and we seek to be happy. We came to this world in the same way, and although our lives have been very different, and we have had very different experiences, we are united by something special that in this message I want to send you.

Within you, and each person around you, there is great wisdom, the life force, the magic of love and gratitude, when you were born you felt it, but little by little you have forgotten and you have been led to believe that you weren’t that big and wonderful.

Your experiences have forced you to protect yourself for fear of harm, you have put on that armor that makes you appear strong and that mask that helps you adapt to a society that lacks transparency. You feel comfortable but disoriented, accompanied but only with your emotions, happy but with a certain sadness deep inside you for those things that have not just healed. Why do I know? Because you and I are connected, and we feel the same only that our interpretations are different because we have different glasses to look at life.

Please find what makes you unique, what makes you great and special, search within yourself until you find it, beyond prejudice, beyond belief and across borders.


Today, I want to ask you favor with all my heart. Reencounter yourself, go back to that boy or girl you were, free from prejudice, sensitive, without fear of asking for help, sweet, with big dreams, full of love in your innocent gaze. Reawaken your creativity, your desire to get out of the marked line, your desire to play with everything, and at any time, to dance without feeling that you are doing it wrong. Your curiosity about life, small and great things, the illusion of believing that magic exists around you and that everything is possible.

Take back your dreams and don’t forget them again, take a step towards them every day even if you fall, but don’t forget that that’s how you learned to walk.

I ask you from the heart because you and I are connected, what you feel I feel, together we will inspire others to do it too because the world needs real leaders who do not pretend to be but are already.

Let them be that transparent child, that diamond in the rough that can now shine. If you hide, if you turn off, if you resign yourself, if you just survive, you will not be fully happy, you will not inspire others and the world will not transform.

Today in this message I want to ask you to allow yourself to shine, leave your backpack behind. May you step forward into a new way to be , feeling the lightness of walking without that weight on you, allowing yourself to be free, authentic, and happy.

Do not wait more. Wake up your inner child today, because the world needs you.


Let us ( YOU & ME ) inspire playing, dancing, singing, laughing, dreaming, hugging, building together that world we want.

Do you want? Thank you from the bottom if you decide yes. I wish you to search and find that great opportunity to inspire.