My name is Alex Rey. I am a Spiritual Mentor & Holistic Therapist.

I encouraged people to awake their power and purpose on earth, own their brilliance and dreams. My treatments & mentoring are given with a Spiritual and Holistic approach, I treat each client based on their individual needs Emotionally & Physically, as intuitive bodyworker I help people to understand & release their fears. My life is guided by service to others.

As a Shamanic Healer, I use nature and the natural value of living beings to give and receive what is valuable in life.

“If you do not become one with life … The needle keeps jumping in the same song, and it seems that your life is not progressing and every day is the same as the day before, that’s why I help people to take a quantum leap so that they can be who they truly are and do what they should do in this life experience.

Shamanic Healer, Certified Massage Therapist, Dance Instructor & Performer, Aromatherapist, Certified Aroma Touch, NLP practitioner,  Facilitator of “Awakening Movement -Bio Dance”,  Certified in Ayurvedic Thai Massage, Certified Access Bar Consciousness Bars therapist &  Certificate in Lomo Lomi Massage.

I assist individuals to connect ‘and’ more than often, ‘reconnect’ to the wholeness of life, processing traumas & blockages to go beyond the unseen. Much of my guidance is devoted to guiding others to embrace the moment, to be the beauty of impermanence. 

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My treatments include the spiritual & legal permits required by the indigenous law in which I am fully trained to handle different ancestral medicines. This is in accordance with the “Muysca” cosmology, usages & customs.

I have been guiding Spiritual Retreats in many countries in the last 10 years, helping people to transmute into a new way of loving life, overcoming traumas and old patterns.

My Spiritual Retreats are sacred circles of Cosmic Family; a Tribe; a Microcosm of the Macrocosm

Learning from our actions is how we develop wisdom, the ability to discern what is helpful from what is harmful – for ourselves and the world around us. 

The more willing we are to look honestly at our lives, the more opportunity we must grow in wisdom

Facilitator of  workshops  like the Ritual Experience called by myself “Awakening Dance” and “Awakening Inner Child”, ” Shamanic Drum Making” using the resources of Bio Dance, 5 Rhythms & Trance Dance, combined with sound healing & Shamanic Drumming in which I create an introspection journey for people for them to create-birth their own vibration. 

I spend a few months in South America every year. Sharing with Shamans/Healers in Colombian Amazon & Peru. Also, I shared time with the Native Canadians & Shamans in Siberia-Russia.  Going through a deep & ongoing sacred process of awakening which in practice connects strongly with my ancestor’s roots to expand & help to raise the collective consciousness

As we heal ourselves, we heal our world, our planet. We are creating, step by integral step, a new paradigm based on trust, openness and personal integrity and authenticity.

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