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Differences between conscience and consciousness

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Science & consciousness

What happens in the brain so that each of us has the ability to think and feel? At what point do we acquire the sense of self? Where does our soul reside? Where do our thoughts come from?

The functioning of the brain and the role of the mind continue to incite a lot of curiosity, since they are a great mystery that science has not yet been able to unravel. For centuries, psychologists, biologists, geneticists, and neuroscientists have studied, dissected, analyzed, and measured the brain to understand more about it.

Differences between Conscience & Consciousness

There is no doubt that we are many more than bones, muscles, tissues and cells. We have consciousness and perception itself, terms that are often used interchangeably although they have different meanings, and this is what makes us really “human”.

Consciousness allows us to discern the actions, thoughts and situations that are correct, it allows us to distinguish between good and evil. Conscience is what prevents you from doing something determined by ethics.

While consciousness is not related to morality, it is the awareness of these thoughts and actions, that is, of the internal reality of each person. It is the knowledge that a being has of itself and its environment.

Consciousness is the ability of a human being to know himself, as well as all the reality that surrounds him. This journey inside that I like to talk so much about in my articles. Therefore, my main interest is that your consciousness expands and elevates thanks to the self-knowledge and the observation of the inner and outer world that meditation and other spiritual and plant medicine rituals allow us to navigate

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