Benefits of shamanic drumming & making your own drum

The drum is a very important instrument in shamanism that allows us to carry out the “shamanic journey” and connect with a heightened state of consciousness. The relationship between the instrument and the person is very important to know how to listen to your deepest part.

Indigenous communities establish ancestral connections in shamanic journeys in search of balance and harmony. An itinerary through planes of reality hidden in the middle of a state of consciousness enhanced by the sound beat.

I am convinced that we must do something that connects us to a different way of facing our time. We are used to the vertigo of a world that is too fast. Instead, tribes and indigenous peoples perceive the daily reality from the enjoyment of the present. For many of us, a luxury that many times we cannot afford

Each vibration, each wave, tunes our interior with the abyssal roots of the Earth. That is why the drum is an instrument of ancestral use in the communication of the human being with the Pachamama (Mother Earth), to the point that numerous scientific studies have investigated and verified that its frequencies act in our brain favoring the entry into states of deep relaxation accompanied by a whole symbolic cosmogony, full o