Alexander Rey ♥ Shamanic Healer & Holistic Therapist

Thanks Alex . The venue  was beyond perfect.   I felt safe. It was important I could find a spot,  in peace & alone & the ceremony provided that. I found it hard work, worthwhile. Any insights that came were old ones. Still cant get through to me. Was surprised at how present my alcoholic pass was. I have a deeper depth of gratitude for AA & sobriety. I have a deeper understanding of the ongoing difficulties I have staying in my physical body. Am in my body,thank u. Waiting to see if I will stay in it this time. Inside my body feels different this time. Didn’t expect to be so tired after it. Being outside in nature with San Pedro there was a ‘oneness’ which will stay with me. I wanted some of the eye medicine- will need to wait for another time. I appreciated ur master’s presence & his time especially when I was whimpering in pain. Waiting, letting the medicine unfold & reveal what is. I think every sentient being should have the experience of ceremony at least once in their lifetime. As one of anything is never enough for me I guess I’ll be back for more.