Alexander Rey ♥ Shamanic Healer & Holistic Therapist

I have got a chance to participate special retreat, which was organised by the facilitator  Alex . I’m interested in spiritual development and I was practicing some teachings earlier, but I still have had some questions to be solved. That’s why I considered to try to do this in another way. I have arrived at place with some anxiety and even with a little bit of fear to loose my healthy mind, because  Using my reach imagination and knowledge from reading Carlos Castaneda books, I expected to depart (set off) to world of illusions, dreams and fantasy.
During my journey from one session to another one, my fear was dispelling slowly and slowly and its place was filled with experience, feelings and understanding. I didn’t loose sense of reality for any minute. I have been having nonstop internal conversation for a while after taking rapëh medicine , but even this couldn’t stop myself to feel love which I always wanted to share with other people I have to give it to myself first. It was meeting with myself and I gifted my love to myself. The feeling was unbelievable.
I was feeling support and understanding of all participants and guru of retreat during sessions.
The general feelings and state of health were good during all event. I had positive mood, joyfulness, and lots of energy.
Maybe in a future I will continue my adventure participating in another retreat,but for a while my first trip is still going, and I want to enjoy it and look at how I can use this new knowledge in my daily life