Alexander Rey ♥ Shamanic Healer & Holistic Therapist

Good morning Alex!  I am still feeling enlighten and full of hope after our session. I was thinking about it. When I came to you I came with an open mind but broken heart.
I was not sure what I am really looking for.  You gave me the answers without even hearing my questions. You have such a strong connection with people it’s unreal and fascinating at the same time  I knew I needed to let the past and bad emotions of guilt and feeling not enough and focus on growing myself.    But as I believe growing yourself is knowing yourself.    There was so many things you said that I though you were speaking out loud my own thoughts.  I have experience some of that enlightenment before but it is an ongoing process and hard times can drown it out.
I know it’s the matter of time and our inside strength to go back on the right path and to continue the journey of joy. I am acknowledge about my ‘demons’ which lost their power over me but like coming back as a habits and unhealthy comfort zones.  You said it very truly to numb the emotion to gave myself a fake feels of happiness.  I will meet I would like to work on them.
I hope this next time will happen very soon. I hope I could meet you a week after for another session Have a fabulous day