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A spiritual hermitage in green valleys of the mountains where you can see millions of stars at night.

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Our community is actively involved in the life of locals that require humanitarian support on a regular basis.


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I just want to thank you again for facilitating that wonderful ceremony. I really got to see how considerate and caring you are which was quite inspirational. The ceremony was very tough and intense for me. I went in with the idea of focusing on problem areas in my life and they really hit me hard! I learnt a lot from it though and I hope that I can continue to have a light awareness on them in the hope that they don’t affect me in my day to day so much. Thanks again for introducing the medicines to me and for facilitating that to happen.


My  experience went for me it was pleasant but at the same time very strong, stronger than other medicines. I had very strong visuals with my eyes open for most of the night there was so much happening that at some stage I just gave up analyzing everything and just went with it some of it I don’t even remember 🙂 there were many entities entering and passing through the space.  and I wasn’t sure of the total amount of shamans in the room. Music and songs were floating through me making me move and make sounds. I observed you performing work on others and being in between worlds. Some realizations would be very difficult to explain in a few words as they are based paradoxes but are in line with non dualistic thinking. Something along the lines – knowing is an illusion not knowing is a confusion. I was able to see and understand it even more by seeing it from another non intellectual perspective. It almost feels like one third of everything that happened that night would be enough for an amazing and very deep experience but it just kept going. In saying all that I would doing again in a heartbeat. At one moment  The experience though was personal was shared between everyone present. I could go on and on but that’s the basics of a very intense, condensed and vast experience. It felt like hard work at times but it was also full of love and beyond enjoyable, almost ecstatic at times. Thank you.

Clodagh M

Thank you for such an amazing journey and all the magical spirits present, walking slowly today with cleaner eyes,  oh brave soul that you thanks you, many blessings and see you in a few days .


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