Holistic Massage, as it is known, is a treatment designed to bring about a deep state of relaxation and reduce muscle tension and stress.

It is a technique that I use different hand positions on the body channeling and activating specific energies at different points. With this process the body and memories trapped in this resumes its original functions, the release helps repair the body and longevity is unlocked.

These energies are the natural energies that bodies are and that we all have access to their activation. Holistic massage is an ancient method of healing that clears the lymphatic drainage system and releases toxins from the body.

By recognizing that illness and stress affects not only our physical but also our emotional, spiritual and mental well-being, holistic massage allows the body’s natural healing abilities to come forth and balance the entire body as a whole. Holistic massage techniques have been used for thousands of years in Egypt, China and India.

Ayurveda, an ancient Indian healing system, uses the therapeutic benefits of massage combined with plant extracts, spices and aromatic oils
The term “holistic” derives from the ancient Greek word “holos,” which means “whole.” By definition, holistic massage treats the whole of the body as a single unity.

  • What’s it like to receive the energy in the body?
  • What I can expect from a session?
  • How massage can help?

Everyone experiences energy differently.

Some people say that when the energy flowing heat or a tingling sensation or a feeling of calm and relaxation in your body is experienced, others need more time to feel the energy.

The good news is that you have to feel nothing for the treatment to work and body recover their welfare.
It just works.​

The body is a sensory and sensitive organism that gives us information but we canceled that capacity​
From the moment your body will notice a deep relaxation, activating energy, this will begin to flow and remove what has been recorded and blocked energy in your body, that you are creating patterns, limitations, diseases.
Whenever one of you choice and choose a different possibility the body will begin to change and experience mental and physical healing, recovery from the first session. There are different processes for each case, these may be some: Removing toxins; drugs; Ailments and physical and emotional traumas; Overweight and metabolism Immune; electric: digestive; nervous; respiratory; lymphatic; hormonal; reproductive system; Repair and regeneration at the cellular and organ; Eradication of energy patterns mimicked at the cellular level; Elimination of blocked energies.


  1. ​Alleviate low-back pain and improve range of motion.
  2. Assist with shorter, easier labor for expectant mothers and shorten maternity hospital stays.
  3. Ease medication dependence.
  4. Enhance immunity by stimulating lymph flow—the body’s natural defense system.
  5. Exercise and stretch weak, tight, or atrophied muscles.
  6. Help athletes of any level prepare for, and recover from, strenuous workouts.
  7. Improve the condition of the body’s largest organ—the skin.
  8. Increase joint flexibility.
  9. Lessen depression and anxiety.
  10. Promote tissue regeneration, reducing scar tissue and stretch marks.
  11. Pump oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs, improving circulation.
  12. Reduce post surgery adhesions and swelling.
  13. Reduce spasms and cramping.
  14. Relax and soften injured, tired, and overused muscles.
  15. Release endorphins—amino acids that work as the body’s natural painkiller.
  16. Relieve migraine pain
  17. Decreased anxiety.
  18. Enhanced sleep quality.
  19. Greater energy.
  20. Improved concentration.
  21. Increased circulation.
  22. Reduced fatigue.
The emotional balance bodywork provides can often be just as vital and valuable as the more tangible physical benefits.

In response to massage, specific physiological and chemical changes cascade throughout the body, with profound effects. Research shows that with massage:
Arthritis sufferers note fewer aches and less stiffness and pain.
Asthmatic children show better pulmonary function and increased peak air flow.
Burn injury patients report reduced pain, itching, and anxiety.
High blood pressure patients demonstrate lower diastolic blood pressure, anxiety, and stress hormones.
Premenstrual syndrome sufferers have decreased water retention and cramping.
Preterm infants have improved weight gain

Holistic massage can lead to a variety of outcomes; depending on the needs of the individual client.). They can include:
physical improvements such as relaxing tight muscles, improvements to circulation, nervous function and joint mobility; this can ease many short and long term ailments, such as back pain, arthritis and insomnia.
Reducing stress, one of the main causes of disease in Western society. As well as addressing stress factors, holistic massage can facilitate the switch between sympathetic and autonomic nervous systems, hence allowing both body and mind valuable recuperation time
Emotionally, massage can provide the caring non-intrusive touch clients have often longed for; this can soothe the busy mind, reduce stress and enhance self esteem.
At a deeper level still, massage can release the personal history stored in body tissues; this can lead to powerful changes in our energy and provide a vital and chemical ingredient in each persons process of growth.
Of course the key here is to work with each client and the agenda they bring. Some simply wish to have their tight shoulders relaxed, whilst others might use massage for much deeper personal growth.

The holistic approach to massage therapy can touch an individual’s whole being – physical, mental and emotional. It holds the possibility of reintegration, is person centred and is guided by principles of sensitivity, awareness and quality of touch. These enable the holistic massage therapist to work with clients, applying techniques and skills in an appropriate manner. At an organisational level, the MTI is one organisation with a well developed, thoroughly thought through approach to holistic massage.

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