Using the dance tools as methods of expression..

Using the dance tools as methods of expression, Awakening Movement as the result of my experience as a dance instructor, Dancer and Therapist.
**Combination of Meditation through Experimental Music, Contemporary dance ( Contact Dance ), Shamanic Drumming, Aromatherapy, Tibetan Bowls and Bio Dance.
The purpose of those workshops is to help people feel more comfortable with their bodies, teaching them to feel the real connection between their hearts and movement and go in alignment with their nature as well, arising the Collective Consciousness
Its calling to a exploration of self-confidence and spontaneity, allowing freedom and new possibilities to emerge through movement. Eventually leading to another level or introspection and retrospection.
It’s within us to be dancers,” “It’s in our creation stories, it’s in our traditions and cultures, it’s in our ceremonies. It’s something that we do and we may have forgotten… we forget as we grow older, how easy it was to dance when we were younger as toddlers and as babies.”