WHAT IS Shamanic Medicine YopaHosca (RAPé)?

WHAT IS Shamanic Medicine YopaHosca (RAPé)?

Muysca YopaHosca (RAPé) is a sacred shamanic medicine that has been used by healers of the Amazon for thousands of years and has become an essential part of their tribal culture and history . YopaHosca Rapé is a complex blend of pulverized plants. Expands consciousness, heighten the awareness and the senses, clear and align your mind and intuition and help promote cleansing of the body and soul.

Furthermore, YopaHosca Rapé helps releasing emotional, physical, and spiritual illnesses and eases negativity and confusion, enabling a thorough grounding of your mind. Likewise, shamans use YopaHosca Rapé to re-align with their energy channels and with their higher self, and to intensify their connection with the world and the universe. In addition, YopaHosca Rapé paves the way for detoxifying the body and cleans out all excess mucus, toxins, and bacteria, thereby, assisting in fighting colds and snuffles..


Including all the following materials.


💜 Wooden Frame 12  or 15 inches in diameter

💜 Raw Hide

💜 Drum stick

💜 Shamanic Medicines

💜 Guided ceremony

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