DRUM Making Workshop Ceremony 5th Dec West Cork”The Beats of the Mother Earth”

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DRUM WORKSHOP, WEST CORK  5th DEC.  Facebook Event for more information. HERE

The workshop will be a magical meeting in which Each Participant will build, its Own Drum with her/his hands, energy & personal purpose.   It will be a Moment of Introspection, Movement & Meditation. Here you can easily send the whole payment or if you want to send just the deposit  of €50 , feel free to CLICK HERE. 

The drum is used to activate and heal our spirit, aligning the vibration of our heart with that of Mother Earth. Each drum has its own sound like no other.  For more INFO about the event HERE

For more information about the Drum Making and Benefits HERE

LOCATION : Beautiful House with lovely gardens near Dunmanway, Co. Cork   Day Time Event 1030am to 7pm.




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The drum is used in ceremonies, dances, songs, celebrations, and is currently used by different Complementary Therapy practitioners.

It is like the birth of a magnificent force in our reality. The drum is a vibrant entity, in which they inhabit the spirit of the tree with which the frame was made of, the spirit of the animal that gave its skin, & the spirit of the one who gave it with its energy the breath of life .


During the weaving process, you enter into a deep gestation connection with this instrument that is yet to be born, it is a creative process, where all the attention, patience & temperance is required.
Along the birthing process, every drum beat you will play will be expanding that personal medicine that YOU have discovered while you tightening the string, & you will be expanding its voice and light to the world.


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