A day-long workshop where participants get to make and bring home their very own shamanic drum.

The drums are 12 or 15  inches in diameter, and very special raw hides , Drum sticks are also provided with these drums. I will share Shamanic Medicines to integrated the journey.

It will be a combination of different Meditations,Contact Movement Dance, Guided Shamanic Drumming and the guided drum making.

I am offering to you personally come along and make your own rawhide drum and beater. Drum will be birthed in a shamanic ceremony using different elements used in the Muysca Colombian Shamanic Tradition . It will be a moment of introspection, Movement and meditation.

As experienced dance teacher I will do some Contact Movement to help us to connect with our bodies and I will share with you all some Muysca Shamanic Medicines

In shamanism, the drum is used for two basic purposes: to shift your state of consciousness or to move energy.

Birthing your drum and being part of a process of creating and bringing into life your very own drum can be a very powerful & fulfilling process that is totally unique to you.

It make you contact with the ancestral wisdom, to seek strength and inspiration in our hearts and to give birth in our reality an instrument of power, companion and a teacher, deep medicine, capable of touching the soul.

Bringing a drum to life is like the birth of a magnificent force in our reality. The drum is a vibrant entity, in which they inhabit the spirit of the tree with which the hoop was made, the spirit of the animal that gave its leather to the patch, and the spirit of the one who made it.

During the process of weaving, you enter a deep connection of breath of life with this instrument that is about to be born, it is a creative and gestation process where all the attention, patience and temperance is required.

When you are born, each beat of the drum that you will sound will be expanding that personal medicine that you have discovered while you are tempting it and you will be expanding your voice and light to the world.

Each drum is unique, just like us. The more we get in tune with him, the more revelations will be shown to us.