Their connection is closer than ever, but Kieran keeps pining for Poppy while trying not to put pressure on her. Holy s***. Poppy, Casteel and Kieran are trying to find their new normal after the events of The war of two queens. Vonetta informs Poppy that Ian is Ascended. You both made a promise when you were kids, that one would never leave the other behind. Vikter, aware of the Dukes lessons, dismissed Hawke prior to Poppy exiting the Duke's office and take Poppy back to her bed chamber. Cas suddenly grabs her from behind and Poppy realizes that she was about to walk off a cliff. "Mentally exhausted and increasingly intrigued by the strappy show, I kept staring unashamedly at Poppy as she tiptoed to grab a book from one of the higher shelves. Landell argues that Poppy will never be his queen after Elijah indicates that if Cas chose Poppy, then they all chose Poppy. Poppy doesn't know how to deal with a reminder of her traumatic past. kieran takes the cake for taking too long to realize that he's in love with her. Hawke enters as Vikter passes on. The Duchess and Lord Mazeen both take turns talking to Poppy with the Duke nowhere to be seen. Absolutely no dang smut here! As Isbeth always had black eyes, it was not hard for her to hide as an Ascended as long as she acted as if she couldn't go out in the sun. It's set after Episode 79, ignoring 80 onwards. The group bows before Nyktos, who threatens to kill the group, which Poppy objects to. He and Poppy have an argument while training and Vikter questions whether Poppy should trust that Hawke wont tell on her to the Duke. My Personal Poppy Playtime Headcan. While Poppy rests, Cas reads the Diary of Ms. Willa Colyns and theorizes that Ms. Colyns must be an Atlantian. As he tries to drag Poppy to the stables, Poppy believes that Phillips must be working for the Dark One. Jansen then takes the form of Beckett, and explained that he was the last of the changelings who could change forms into other people. Years later, Isbeth never heard from Malec and she pretended to be an Ascended to find out what happened to Malec. She is bitten by the Craven but survives without turning into one. Its her who is disappointed because she will be stuck in a loveless marriage with a thug. Cas indicates that Poppy had been talking in her sleep and reciting a disturbing nursery rhyme about the poppy flower. Scan this QR code to download the app now. Anyways, JLA owns everything, I don't, and all that. Despite promising that she will stay, Poppy quickly leaves after Hawke. As time passes and new threats arise, will Tora be able to protect his brother and the woman he loves? Notoriety comes in all forms though, and Poppylan Wilkes, a young and talented journalist is determined to uncover whether there is any credibility to the rumours of corruption that surround the organization. This is a very dark take on the series, despite being primarily a love story. Exasperated, he calls Poppy by her nickname for the first time. "Stop holding back.". Delano and Kieran shift as Poppy and Cas ride on Setti and Naill rides beside them. After Hawke leaves, Poppy argues with Vikter shouting that she did not want to ascend and hopes that she will be found unworthy. She opens the curtains to prove to Poppy that she was not Ascended. Jasper reminds Alastir that the latter does not speak for the wolven. Poppy is disappointed that Cas did not tell her himself. This is hopefully going to be an ongoing thing but I wanted to explore the scene where Poppy, Casteel, and Kieran are sleeping in the Skotos mountains a bit more. The hand of fate has dealt cruelly to Poppy and Tora. Poppy has a vision of a woman with hair like moonlight whisper and throw back her head and raise skeletons from the ground. Poppy swears she saw one at the Capital, but Poppy and Kieran assure her that the cave cats died out two centuries ago. As Poppy and Vikter return to her room, they hear a loud, cracking sound followed by screaming from the Great Hall. Additionally, her gift of empathy allows her to see multiple perspectives and truly understand people. Malik drops yet another secret he's been hiding from Poppy. After the commotion died down, Poppy and Rylan eventually do make it to the garden. I huff and wrap my arms around his neck, leaning my head against his back and lazily walking behind him. Soon, all of Poppy is glowing and she heals Beckett's legs. In signing a publishing contract, Quincey has endangered everyone's lives, including Poppy, the tiny, jaded woman Tora finds himself falling for. Poppy decides that she will not kill him because it will start a war. Come back later he called to the intruder as he began running his lips down the dip of my throat and towards my breasts. Poppy is caught off guard when Tawny asks her why. Poppy wakes up to find Kieran surprised that he can still feel her notam. Poppy notes that the town is excited and acts like they are in the presence of royalty. He asks her if she finally realizes that she can summon the guard because she is a God. She summons her power and kills all the Unseen and Gyrms and then burns their bodies using her eather. Later, Cas and Poppy discuss their future. He meets his match in this 5 foot something woman as they learn more about each other and about themselves along the way. Flesh and Fire Series. Poppy dreams about the night her parents were killed, and she swears she knows the man that is speaking in her dream. CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE FIVE CHAPTER PREVIEW READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION. Poppy realizes that she is not wearing any clothing. Poppy asks Kieran about Shea and about Cas's wellbeing, and Kieran asks her why she cares if her and Cas are in a fake engagement. any actual smut will be posted separately. Big Bro and Miss Poppy have been kidnapped, and it's up to the thuglets to rescue them!Or maybe the lovebirds just wanted to get away for a few days to have some fun sexy times in the woods?No, shut up, Louis, it's definitely kidnapping!Tora's merry band of thuglets draw on every last bit of their Big Bro's training as they race to track down the missing tiger and hamster who CLEARLY are in dire need of their help. Shes so f****n beautiful, but that smile? Based on the short story; cupcakes and kisses, on JLA's website, follow along as Poppy and the gang celebrate her birthday. The two exchange witty banter as Hawke lingers on top her and even caresses her breast. Queen Eloana tells everyone to bow to the last Descendant of Nyktos, the rightful Queen to Atlantia. Tora has more Halloween fun than he bargained for. When they arrive, they see King Valyn who is surprised that Poppy has not ascended. Poppylan Wilkes was taken under the tutelage of a badass girl gang in her youth, with her own clan tattoo, though it's usually hidden by her shirt. She yearns for people to believe in her and respect her, as she believes in them. No one is okay. As Phillips drags Poppy away from her room, they run into Kieran, who transforms into a wolven. Every term of endearment is improved 1000% by putting "my" in front of it. The group spends the night in the Blood Forest, but the Forest is extremely cold. The Handmaiden/Revenant shows up to Poppy and tells Poppy that Isbeth has gone back to the Capital, and no one knows where she keeps her pets. Jansen knocks her out. While Naill fights the rest of the crowd, Delano noses Poppy and howls when he realizes the extent of Poppy's wounds. The Duchess informs Poppy that the same thing happened with the first Maiden, her skills began to evolve and then her actions led her to the Dark One who then killed her. The Queen says it is too late and takes off her crown and places it on the floor of Nyktos's Temple. look after you by mundanemella. Cas tells Poppy that whether she decides to take the crown or not, he will support her, but that she does not have a lot of time to decide. Poppy enjoys asking questions (much to Kieran's dismay). When they arrive at the foot hills of the Skotos Mountains, the group separates into groups of three to travel through the mist. In addition, King Valyn indicates that Alastir needs to be kept somewhere safe. As they are riding, Poppy notices some bones hanging in the trees. As always, MPL belongs to our Queen, Lilydusk. Poppy and Vikter both sense that Agnes wanted to say more, but Agnes leaves. A time when all were not lost, that first night at the Red Pearl. Nyktos reminds her that he could simply kill Cas. CONTAINS SPOILERS. Naill throws a sword to Poppy and tells her to defend herself. Alternate setting for our pair. The Duchess asks Poppy if she can sense what the Duchess is feeling and is relieved when Poppy indicates that she could not. If only a b Ranboo is Not ok With xReader so I deleted this. After, Poppy says that she trusts Hawke, sharing what had happened with the conversation between her and Hawke. Sera and Nyktos return to the lake to retrieve the embers. Written in blood above the Dukes body is the mark of the Dark One, From Blood and Ash We Will Rise. The three of them step outside, and Agnes thanks Poppy for what she did with Marlowe and that Poppy should not be here tonight. Cas and Poppy race for the Duchess's carriage. Kieran informs her that Cas needs blood and that he has refused to feed from other Atlantians since meeting Poppy. The group are greeted by a handmaiden and some Royal Knights. mommylonglegs. As Poppy starts to feel embarassed regarding screaming, Cas tells Poppy about how he had nightmares after he saw Craven for the first time. She wakes up to realize that Poppy is gone and a strange door is now available. Hawke leads Poppy to the benches under the willow tree where there were benches. Poppy indicates that she needs Nyktos's guards in order to battle something called a Revenant. Poppy takes care to avoid speaking in front of Hawke and ignores him when possible. He says that both halves of her face are just as beautiful as the whole, and takes the oath to protect her as her guard. Cas admits that he has no idea what Poppy is now but she is definitely not mortal. Cas is completely surprised and Jasper, speaking on behalf of the wolven, states that if Cas has chosen Poppy, how could his people not do the same. Poppy notices that Tawny is itching to join the crowd but is staying by Poppys side because Poppy is not allowed to mingle. As the group travels through the mist, the mist scatters in Poppy's presence and leaves the group an open path that closed behind them as they travelled through the mist. Cas tells Poppy that the bones were placed by the Dead Bones Clan. During the nights we spent together, I counted each mole across his body, daydreaming about one day kissing them one by one. I really hate that Sera leaves so much unsaid, so I really needed to add a moment of honesty between these 2. Cas, Poppy, Delano, Kieran and Naill rush to the man's house. From Blood and Ash is about Poppy who the gods have chosen to carry the mantle of the Maiden. She wakes up to find Kieran staring at her wondering if she died. Poppy indicates its because he tells her nothing or ignores her leading her to explode with all the questions she has held back, questions about Malik, the throne, the caverns, the kidnapping, why he never told Poppy about the joining, Gianna, Spessa's End, his former lover, and how he can stand to be around Poppy knowing that she was raised by the Ascended. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Poppy's just moved back to the city and her brother Ian is in a brand new band. Poppy meets with King Jalara, a Revenant, and some Royal Knights. tip: lex m/m (mature OR explicit), **Warning for spoilers for From Blood and Ash series including A War of Two Queens**. Another Day, Another Dream - 3 Chapters, Complete, Part of a Series. As Cas is about to kill Commander Jansen, Poppy tells him to stop. She eats it and realizes too late that it is drugged. Poppy defends herself. Behind her veil, Poppy dreams of a mysterious and tantalizing man who pushes her to be more than she ever dreamed she could. Kieran always stays at Poppy's side, even when Cas goes on diplomatic trips. We can 100% do that from laying on the couch with our titties out, so just shush, we can stay lounging. She's literally a mess but she's trying to be together for everyone else. He tells Poppy that he must kill her to prevent a prophecy but cannot outright kill her because it would start a war between the Crown and the wolven. Poppy feeling to exposed says nothing causing Cas to laugh. They both breakdown and admit that neither of them understand their relationship. , , ' . .. Cas calms down, apologizes to Poppy and leaves. After a horrible breakup and finally quitting a job that didn't appreciate her, she makes the decision to move back to her hometown of Moonbright. Poppy confesses that she and Cas do plan to free Malik and find her brother. Ive been just trying to cope and get through each day. After a few moments of running in the woods, Cas grabs her from behind and indicates that he cannot be killed with a stab to the heart. Multiple people wearing Descenter masks attack Poppy. Poppy agrees. Nyktos and Sera talk after receiving the news from the Fates. Poppy obliges, and Cas stops the kiss before it escalates too far, disappointing Poppy. One day, her life is turned upside down by the simple knock on her door. In private, Poppy and Cas share blood and sexual relations. Poppy allows the power to surge through her and starts to break the temple chambers with her rage. Poppy wakes up to Alastir apologizing for Jansen hitting her. Poppy orders all the wolven to stop and not to hurt Cas,. I feel really bad about being absent. Thank you! it was a normal day for (y/n) at work until a sudden change happened, their boss called them over to his office they obliged but little did they know what horrors waited for them behind their boss' door. At the time, Poppy believes that Cora and Leo are killed by the craven. Poppy grabs her dagger and stabs Cas in the heart. Casteel has left for Spessa's End. The next morning, Poppy, Kieran, Cas, Naill and Delano leave to go to Spessa's End. Hawke visits Poppy and stitches up a wound she received while trying to escape the stables. Alastir confesses that he does not believe in this sudden change of heart between her and Cas and knows that Cas will do anything to get his brother Malik back. Poppy and Vikter take down all the Descenters, and the Duchess is scandalized that Poppy knows how to wield a dagger. Poppy requests that Rose change the emblem to where the sword and arrow cross each other evenly. Lots of M/M action in this threesome. Ian confirms that Poppy was never Cora and Leo's daughter, but that the family was tasked with raising Poppy as their own. Poppy tells Cas that she does not feel like talking to him right now. An old woman tells Poppy that she's like the second daughter, but not in the way that Poppy thinks, but chosen nonetheless. It has been years since Malik was chained in the cage, where the Blood Crown would turn his days and nights into endless nightmares. This is until the night when the Rise outside the castle is attacked, and Poppy sneaks out to take part and help. The skeletons attack the group and spits out snakes. Poppy knows and Hawke and Poppy sleep together. A second and more persistent knock sounded. But Ill try to have it up by Sunday, just found out that yesterday kim kardashians private jet produced 61 tons of CO2 emissions. now that we gotten out of that way, I thought to make a huggy As a old Playtime employee, I received a strange letter. Hawke, Kieran, Phillips, Airrick, Noah, and Luddie are tasked with escorting Poppy to the Capital. Later at dinner while Kieran and Cas are talking with others, Alastir sits down next to Poppy saying that he just does not believe that Cas loves Poppy. Cas and Kieran explain to her that although their bond is broken, they still have a brother bond and that they simply made room for Poppy. Here you'll find tooth rotting fluff, angst, songfic and semi mild gore (not extreme). The two realize that Poppy has not ascended but is suffering from bloodlust. They called her an Ascended whore and starting stoning her. I just wanted to do something wholesome cause Huggy is a precious good boi to me. Shes alive (but refused my help and my family is pretending nothings wrong), and Im in the middle of switching to a new and better job. over the last week drakes private jet flights produced 182 tons of CO2 emissions. So she is denied a lot of simple things that others can freely enjoy. Tawny is not ascended and starts to say something to Poppy, but Ian interrupts preventing Tawny from revealing to Queen Ileana that he and Tawny were conspiring against her. Unsure if she is imagining it, she alerts Vikter that there is something strange about the man. Isbeth demands that Poppy give over Atlantia as Isbeth wants the Atlantian to respect her and obey her. The group travels back to Atlantia and make plans for how they will meet Queen Ileana at Oak Ambler. Spessa's End has less than 100 people who are capable of fighting and 20 archers. Poppy cries herself to sleep. Unable to sleep, Poppy sneaks out of Castle Teerman using a white mask she found and a "borrowed" cloak from the servant Britta. They make their way back to her room and sit, discussing what she was doing and if he would tell on her, among other things. Kieran tells Poppy that he believes the two to be heartmates, but refuses to expound. Poppy kills Jansen as a Descenter shoots a bolt through Poppy's chest. Kieran takes Poppy back to her room. Casteel decides it's time to talk to Poppy about why she becomes so distant on her monthly cycle.Past trauma is uncovered. Also, there are no Ascended or guards at New Haven and he has never heard of an Ascended going hunting. Poppy reiterates that she will give Ian peace, no matter what pain it would bring her. She demands that Cas tell her something real. The group moves on and arrives inside the castle. The Balthum clan is respected and feared, and the Balthum family is rich, but the mafia is the mafia. Jasper tells Alastir that he is overstepping when Alastir states that Cas marrying Gianna would have strengthened the bonds between the wolven and the Atlantians. Cas immediately turns and starts growling at Kieran. Cas reveals himself as Prince Da'Neer, and Duchess Teerman tells Poppy that Queen Ileana is Poppy's grandmother. Tora went to try and save a worthless friend, and wound up with an unexpected ally. Poppy demands that the Blood Crown either send the King or Queen to meet her. Will she get what she needs when she bumps into a mysterious stranger at a Halloween party the night of the election? Slight AU. The convoy is led by Ian and he wishes to speak with Poppy. Poppy sneaks off with Cas and gives him pleasure on the beach. Jericho prepares to butcher her up as the crowd cheers and yells out which body parts should be cut off first. Check the tags. Rated: K - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 735 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 10 - Follows: 7 - Published: Nov 5, 2014 - Harriet. Lord Gregori steps out of the shadows and expresses that he and some other members of the council have concerns. Jasper shifts and jumps in front of Poppy, who is hit by an arrow. In the cage, Casteel dreams of a girl with berry stained lips and bright eyes. Then Hawke - a mysterious guard - enters her life. Poppy and Branch have been married for almost 8 years now, and what a wonderful eight years it has been. He mentions that everything he loves has rotted due to the Ascended leading Poppy to point out that she was raised by the Ascended. "He sat behind the drumset, mindlessly twirling drumsticks and mouthing something to himself. They fail at first to understand each other despite their similarities. Poppy's been beaten, battered and bruised for almost a year since Julri took her away from her life - away from Tora. Poppy falls asleep and has a nightmare. Poppy notices the same blonde man from the City Council meeting. He offers Poppy an escape, which Poppy declines. and our Yet, no matter how fast Malik runs away from his past, it always follows behind, and sometimes it catches him. Is he in love with Casteel? Rated: T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 900 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 2 - Published: 1/29/2022 - Poppy, Hawke - Complete. Poppy tells Cas that she loves him for the first time. 37.4K 810 6. The mere thought scared me because I know that I probably did. Much to Kieran's chagrin, Cas and Poppy immediately run down off the rise to meet Delano. In Ancient Narin, Emperor Vincent rules as a god conquering the known world. This is the longest we had been apart since he was the blood crown's captive last year.I'm thankful that I haven't been totally alone; Kieran has barely left my side.Not only was this the longest I'd been without Casteel in almost a year, it's the longest I'd gone without sex since then as well. Against King Valyn's warnings, Cas decides to ascend Poppy. Poppy and Cas finish their conversation. I swear this isn't sinnery. In this story is a teenage boy name Danny who lives alone in his house while his parents are on a business trip, he could take care of himself. Although not originally planned, Jansen killed Beckett before the group left Spessa's End. Poppy, Casteel, and Kieran have a heated encounter in front of a crackling fire, as Poppy can't contain her arousal from reading a smutty book she found in the palace library. Cas comes back and tells Poppy that all the wolven felt her calling for them when they had been surrounded in the woods, which is why all the wolven had appeared. Delano howls and calls all the wolven who live in Saion's Cove to come to the Temple. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. No one knows! Ires had awoken Jadis and gone into the mortal realm and has been missing since. Naill, an Atlantian, and Delano come down to the cellar to escort her back into the castle. Adventures of a whole new sort ensue as Tora navigates life as a civilian with new titles he never thought he'd have: husband and father.But what will they do when the past comes back to haunt them, threatening everything they've fought so hard for over the past 14 years?Currently revising and heavily expanding the story. (Obviously all characters and world building devices belong to Jennifer Armentrout.). Although they take down dozens, Poppy's senses are overwhelmed and in order to shut it all down, Poppy holds her dagger to her throat and threatens to kill herself if any of the Ascended touch her or Cas. huggy wuggy is owned by MOB Games Alastir's voice reminds Poppy of Vikter, but she does not say anything in front of him because Cas warns her not to fight him in front of Alastir. I am not okay. After the events of TWOTQ, Poppy faces a hard decision regarding her favorite weapon. Poppy asks Lord Gregori to voice his concerns, which is no one really knows Poppy and she was raised by the Ascended. Kieran comes outside to tell Cas that Jasper wishes to speak with him. Soon after, the blonde man shouts out demanding to know what happened to the 3rd and 4th children that were handed over during the Rite and why no one has ever seen them. I am the middle ground in life. wouldn't doubt it if it's not actually what canonically happens anyway, i'll love you for a thousand years (and a thousand more), A Court of Thorns and Roses Series - Sarah J. Maas, Elain Archeron/Azriel (Queer Platonic Partners), Eris Vanserra/Original Female Character(s), So this is a love child about 2 months in the making, the modern future timeline you didn't realize you needed until you got it, i have a lot of feelings about this thing. Poppy recognizes those words but cannot remember where or from whom she heard it. Poppy declares to the room that Cas was the first thing she chose for herself and that although she chose him when she thought he was Hawke, she continues to choose him as Casteel. The final battle is raging at the Bone Temple, tragedy after tragedy have invaded Poppy's life, and one too far happens allowing Poppy to access powers she did not know she had and travel back in time. Alastir assumes that eventually Cas will forgive him because the story will be that Poppy escaped and was captured by the Ascended. Poppy wakes up to overhear Kieran and Hawke discussing their plans of where to stop next. Over the years, the gangspreviously operating on the outskirts of what was considered legally acceptable, have worked their way into politics, vying for more complete power. Btw if I say things like by god or good lord in posts please be aware I dont mean it in a catholic way I mean it in a 1950s scientist reacting in horror after they create an evil creature in the lab set in the distant future year of 2005, I mean it in a 1800s Navy officer realizing the grave situation the ship is in while stranded in a dangerous natural area due to the captain's hubris and/or being attacked by the French, Really normal about this fictional character, No longer normal about him I need to become him, I might have the next ships chapter ready tomorrow. Hawke confronts the nightmares of his past that hes veiled and hidden for too long. She states in her nightmare that she is not a monster, and she hears a voice in her head that sounds like Delano. . . Things are soft. Nyktos informs her that a Revenant is an abomination of life and death. Poppy finds an old Atlantian census in the library. Kieran and Cas go back into the woods to burn the bodies of the Craven while Poppy bathes in a bath drawn up by Kieran in anticipation of her return. Kieran tells Poppy that the moment Cas attacks him that she should run and get Naill or Delano. Poppy wakes up in a crypt held in place by bones of a deity, which drain her of all her power. I have to investigate. They stop for the night in the mountains, but Poppy can't relax enough to sleep. News of the company's bankruptcy reaches you, and you have a crisis. I heard," he practically sang the words, lowly in her ear. Poppy watches different groups have sex and watches Kieran and Lyra. Enjoy you thirsty, thirsty bitches. She stays in her bedchamber for a week and finally leaves when the Duchess summons her. The art in the book cover doesn't belong to me, please give credit to the original artist. While the pair wait for all the elders to arrive, Poppy wanders the hall and is interrupted by Wilhelmina Colyns, who Poppy recognizes as the waitress from the Red Pearl that had sent her to Cas's room. After he bites her, he states that he should have known. Poppy and Casteel finally being real, not "pretending," and getting married.Yes. The two fight off the group, and King Valyn and Cas join them. Quentyn and a young wolven named Beckett meet the group and lead Poppy and Cas to their suite. Upon entering the room, Poppy discovers she is not alone and has stumbled upon member of the Royal Guard, Hawke Flynn. They hold hands and Kieran looks over concerned. Puro smut usando la kinktober promt list: si llego a terminarlo a tiempo. But when Cas sees that she is glowing, he draws his swords and kneels to her. When she comes to, Poppy remembers Kieran having referred to Hawke as Casteel, and Poppy realizes that Hawke is the Dark One, Prince Casteel "Cas" Da'Neer. Poppy then takes a bath and falls asleep in the tub. Alastir stares at her and tells her that she has always been the threat. Poppy agrees if he will help her find her brother. *AU of MPL*After a heartbreaking end of the engagement with her ex, Poppy has an overnight stay with a beautiful stranger. Set years after the war and after several years of peace. like what is even the point any more, the average person produces 7 tons of CO2 in a year. Poppy walks into the Chambers with Nyktos. With the death of her personal guard, Rylan, a new guard must be appointed. Famous musician Poppylan Wilkes, stage name "Poppy", is probably a spoiled diva, according to Tora. King Valyn explains that those people wearing the mask were not Descenters but the Unseen, who were thought to be disbanded centuries ago. I also drew the cover. Patrilineal Pleasantry- Oneshot, requested fic, complete. While Cas goes to speak with the families of those who lost someone during the Ascended's attack, Poppy sits in the library with Kieran. Poppy continues to panic and stabs the air until she realizes that Cas is in the carriage. As they enjoy each other sexually, Cas makes Poppy promise that she will not kill Ian if there is not a safe opportunity to do so. glenthorne high school catchment area,